Hello everyone! My name is Marisa. My hobbies and interests include spending time in nature, animals, meditation, music, sports(basketball…), arts and physical exercise(mindful movement, yoga…). I was born and raised in Ostend at the North Sea and currently I live in Ronse, in the Flemish Ardennes. I love living in a natural environment. Ever since I was young mindfulness and sports were important in my life. I took yoga classes and integrated meditation and Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction into my daily life, my studies and in doing sports(playing basketball, fitness, walking, tennis, running, swimming…). Over the years I became an expert in MBSR and person-centered, experiential therapy, with specialization in focusing. My psychological practice is therefore multidisciplinary. I work together with psychiatrists, doctors, psychologists, psychotherapists, health care centers…. In the various disciplines I also followed and still follow (accredited) courses and retreats, in Belgium and abroad. The well-being of my clients and my participants is a priority for me. I work scientifically based and I do research in cooperation with universities.I want to share the power of these attention trainings and therapy with everyone around me, from companies, organizations, schools and universities to individuals of all ages. 

Some history

I have always felt attracted to an austere and simple life, in balance with nature. This is in line with Benedict’s Rule, an ancient monastic life code.

Since I loved sports very much when I was younger and quickly discovered the power of physical exercise, I became a basketball player as early as age eight. I was transferred to the First National team at age seventeen. I was allowed to participate in provincial and National selections at young age and the Women’s National team. I kept this stable position in 1st National Team for a long time.

During this time I began to feel stressed at times, because as a top athlete the performance pressure is high. That is when I began to take an interest in yoga and meditation, and found more and more peace and balance.

Since I have a caring nature, I chose a job as a teacher and student mentor in high school a few years later. There too I noticed that stress and psychological difficulties were becoming an increasing problem for my students.

To further explore this topic, I started my Master’s in clinical psychology at Ghent University. In the final year, I was introduced to mindfulness through my supervisor Rudi De Raedt. I wrote my Master’s Dissertation on MBSR and was able to demonstrate that it is effective. This is when mindfulness became my focus.

Some important moments

Professors Jon Kabat-Zinn, Gregory Kramer and Florence Meleo-Meyer are still my teachers. I’m constantly updating my knowledge via these experts and continuing education in the world’s most renowned mindfulness centers! In addition, I continuously study MBSR and its impact on the quality of life.

Someone that feels better in his/her own skin will also be a better colleague, parent and partner. So working on your mental health not only has an impact on yourself, but also on your surroundings, your work, and thus ultimately on society and the environment. I am strongly convinced of that!

~ Marisa Hoslet

To further expand the center, I work with a freelancer: Chloë. She is in charge of the website, content, graphic design and social media. She introduces herself hereunder.

margo mindfulness

“I am Margo, the office manager of Marisa. I mainly help Marisa with writing the newsletters and the practical work.

Mindfulness has recently started playing an important role in my life, so I am too still learning and experimenting.

As a highly sensitive person, I get easily overstimulated, and it’s a challenge to find the right things to help me relax.

Thanks to mindfulness, I can now enjoy a walk in nature even more and recharge my batteries. In addition, breathing exercises have become of great help for me.

Another theme that is close to my heart is sustainability, which matches with the center’s values. For example, my bachelor thesis was about offering sustainable clothing to counteract the polluting clothing industry.”

branding foto

“One of my favorite slogans is ‘Life begins at the edge of your comfort zone.’ And this is a slogan I live by. For example, I love traveling and meeting new people. I even chose to become a digital nomad recently.

Personally, I have been struggling with stress for some time. It is something I have been susceptible to since childhood. Mindfulness has helped me to enjoy the little things, find peace in difficult moments, and put things into perspective better. For example, I meditate regularly and practice yoga.

I mainly work for impact businesses, such as the Center for Mindful Living. Another example of one my clients is the Belgian water NGO Join For Water. This NGO is partly dependent on donations. You can make a donation via this link.”

You can find more info about my company E-magined on my website www.e-magined.be. If you have any questions, you can always send an email to deraedtchloe@gmail.com.