At first, I didn’t find it so easy to find the pleasant moments in these times and was looking for “the big things” in life such as a wedding, a party, a gathering with friends… Since I follow the MBSR course, however, I am getting better and better at this. For me, it is very helpful to focus on the little things in life, like for example seeing a flower. It begins to dawn on me that it’s more about the little things in life. I had never paid much attention to that. Now I notice once more how I can enjoy myself in these difficult times. 

~ anonymous

Despite trying to get as many positive things out of life as possible, I still remain an eternal worrier. When I received an email from Vormingplus that the center was organizing a course on mindfulness and worrying, I decided to enroll. Marisa Hoslet gave me many useful tips. Mindfulness, and focusing in a different way, is an ongoing process, not a quick fix. But by taking this course, I can now say that I am currently a “recovering worrier”.

~ Els

It feels good to be able to ‘be with myself’, meditate early in the morning, eat mindfully and pay attention to what really counts. A week to remember.

~ Paul (about the summer week)

MBSR has given me a big push towards more insight, awareness of myself and how I live my life.

Mindfulness has given me the hope and belief that I can change things from within myself.

It is not easy to deal with  difficult moments. As I learned in the course, I just observe this and keep practicing. I see it as a process, a path that I want to take with gentleness and for which I take my time.

~ a woman, anonymous

When I started the walking meditation, I felt restless.  I had had a busy day and felt a lot of agitation. 

The first steps were difficult.  I felt that I was walking too fast.  My body determined the rhythm. As the exercise progressed, I felt more at peace with myself.  The movements automatically became slower.  I also became more aware of my steps.  I saw the grass and the daisies, I heard different birds. I heard the sounds of the city just as much. And yet, I was able to give these a place and focus on what mattered.

The walk brought me peace, in my body and mind.

~a man, anonymous

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