Some SOS numbers and other useful links

Overview of all emergency numbers

Wikipedia list with phone numbers of international emergency helplines

European emergency number (agression, accidents…): 112

Helplines Belgium:


Or call number 106.

In case of suicidal tendency:

* Website preventiezelfdoding

* Website zelfmoord1813

Loss and death: website Vief

For kids and adolescents:




*Helpline violence, abuse and child abuse

*Child focus

*Chat for students: Teleblok

Website about drug abuse: DeSleutel

Websites about violence and crime:

*Professional helpline for questions about violence, abuse, and child abuse: 1712

*Amnesty International

Websites about health:

*Questions about pituitary diseases: Nederlandse Hypofyse Stichting

*Kom op Tegen Kanker

*MS Liga

*Diabetes Liga

*Rode Kruis

*Vlaams Instituut Gezond leven

*Overview health institutes (hospitals, psychiatry…)

*Information COVID-19

Help- and info line for anyone with questions about sexual orientation and gender: Lumi (Çavaria)

Online chat forum for people with manic depression, bipolar disorder or depression: Ups & Downs

Website BRUCC

Website about self-injury