Meditation weekends 2023

These meditation weekends aim to increase mental flexibility in dealing with day-to-day stressful challenges and the current difficulties in our society. In addition, they have a beneficial effect on dealing with the people around you, increasing the quality of life and the lives of those around you.

Scientific research has shown that following a multi-day course has beneficial effects in dealing with stress and anxiety. For individuals who work in healthcare, education or social work, participating can be extra helpful in working with for example young people, the elderly…


* During these meditation weekends, you will learn to integrate the principles of MBSR into your daily life. We provide moments of silence, movement, meditation, yoga, theory and sharing with each other. The details of the program will be adapted to the circumstances, such as the COVID-19 situation and the war crisis. In addition, we will discuss literature.

* For everyone from the age of 16 years.

* In two languages: English and Dutch.

* The price will be communicated after registration. We take into account the current financial situation. It is possible to pay in several parts. All profits go to further research.

* When? 23/06-25/06/2023 and 08/09-10/09/2023, each time from Friday evening (6 pm) to Sunday (11 am).

* The location is situated in a beautiful, peaceful and quiet area in nature, and will be communicated after enrollment.
Do you want to enroll or have any questions? Send an email to
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