Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Summer Week 2023

During the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Summer Week, we will focus on healthy eating, spending time in nature and physical well-being.


* Includes mindful eating, walking in nature, yoga, meditation sessions and more, based on the MBSR protocol. In this, we take the current circumstances into account, such as the COVID-19 situation and the war crisis.

* For anyone from the age of 16.

* In two languages: English and Dutch.

* From 14/07 at 7 pm to 23/07 at 2 pm.

* The location will be communicated at a later time.

* The price is €850 (excluding accommodation costs). The profits go to further research.

Do you want to enroll or have questions? Send an email to marisa.mindfulleven@gmail.com.

mindfulness retreat